Re: Filipino infestation in Singapore-5 point guide to showing displeasure without breaking the law

I rarely rant, okay. Then I came across this article that shows so much hate to my race. Fine, Filipinos may not be the brightest and best people around but I don’t think you should generalize. Not all of us are the same. 

As stated in the article,

Yes the Filipinos have long overstayed their welcome,and they must be advised in no less clearer terms that we are growing intolerant of their presence. Then again, let’s do this through largely “peaceful”, non criminal means. We recommend pissing them off in the following ways:

1. Reject, and ask for replacement

If you encounter a Pinoy waiter/waitress or customer service officer, tell them this: ” Could you kindly ask a Singaporean staff to speak to me? Your standard of English-there is much left to be desired.” If the idiot continues rambling on, tell him/her with a smile:” Your English sucks, capisce? Get the fuck out of my uncaring face and find me someone else pronto.”

2. Step on ‘em, push or shove’em

When the Peenoise get rowdy or obviously do not observe basic social decorum, a little “nudge” in the right direction won’t harm. Just make it look accidental. Pump your fist in victory later when they are out of your sight. We understand sometimes they just don’t get it, so a little more force must be employed. Like what this unsung hero did: This morning at Bishan Circle Line MRT I pushed a Pinoy out of the train before door closes.

3. Create an artistic mess on your plate when dining at Jolibee

Or any other Filipino themed restaurant/ food outlet. Toss food into your mouth, chew thoroughly, then spit it out. Bite another morsel and repeat. Do this till your plate is a masterpiece of regurgitated nastiness. Ask for the bill (pay in cash), scribble “Pinoy food fucking tastes like shit” on the receipt and remember to leave that piece of paper behind.

4. Never render help when Filipinos are involved in serious traffic accidents

Stand on the side with your arms folded across your chest, peering curiously at the bloody setpiece. Do not call the ambulance. But you have our permission to take photographs so they can be tweeted later with the caption: Hopefully another Pinoy has breathed his last on the little red dot. RIP.NOT.

5. Pray for a flood of blibical proportions to descend upon Orchard Road on 8 June

Go to the nearest church and pray. Pray hard for divine intervention aloud. Make sure God (and the Pinoy sitting next to you on the same bench) hears every word.
There will be no Noah’s Ark to save the partying Filipino motherfuckers when hell breaks loose, because Noah sure ain’t Pinoy when we last checked. Let’s watch them drown whilst eating popcorn on our HD TVs.

Edit: The event to celebrate Pinoy National Day has been called off. Glory to Jesus ! A-fucking-MEN!

6. ( bonus point) Actually this is our favourite. If you see a Pinoy cashier at NTUC, Cold Storage or Giant, throw a can of Baygon into your shopping before approaching him/her to make payment. When the cashier picks up the insecticide spray ready to do a barcode scan, ask him/her wryly: ” Is this effective against Filipinos? Sorry, I meant cockroaches. “

    First of all, not all of the locals in Singapore can speak fluently in English so do Filipinos. No race is perfect. For your information, I have been to some restaurants in Singapore and the staff with a higher rank in there is A FILIPINO, not a local. {emphasizing ‘SOME’} I’m not being mean, I’m just stating the truth. It’s because Filipinos know how to do customer service better than others. But then again, I still think S’pore staff is doing good with regards to customer service.

Second, you pushed a Pinoy out of the train before the door closed. So, does that make you a better person than anyone else in the world? You talk so much about praying yet you’re in no place to say you haven’t committed any sins in your life.

Third, I’d be happy to clean your artistic mess. No problem. But let me take a photo of it, upload it on Twitter or Instagram and use the hashtags, #JollibeeSg #SingaporeanMess or any other appropriate hashtag with the word Singapore on it and let the world know how rude you are as a local in Singapore. You better act carefully though, things are spreading in the social media, fast. ;)

Lastly, let me tell you how sad your life is. You prolly took too much time letting your hate out of that post and I feel really sorry for you. Again, I’m not being mean but… some Filipinos have more high-paying jobs in Singapore than some of the locals. Why do you think so? I’m guessing, it’s because we can do it better. You talk the talk but do you know that there are other races working for Singapore to make your country better and better every year? So if you could just appreciate rather than hate, that’d be great. Now get back to your job and contribute work rather than negative vibes. 

Anyway, I still think Singapore is a really great country with very friendly locals. That’s all folks. 

This post means no harm to anyone who may be offended or hurt. I just stated my opinion regarding the post. Stop the hate, just appreciate.

My thesis was by far the greatest challenge I’ve encountered. It’s ironic that it was underwater because I’m frigging afraid of pools. This is entitled as “Alice Underwater” which was inspired by Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland (2010) film.

I waited 8 years for this. It’s her 4th time here in MNL and I’m glad that I was finally able to see and hear her perform live. It was such a blessing that I was even able to take these photos despite the Big Dome’s no-DSLR rule. Seeing her smile makes me smile too! I’m forever a fan.

Everyone was surprised when Chad came out and they sang Let Me Go together. lol



My home country, the Philippines, has been struck by a major typhoon and caused severe damage among my people in the city of Tacloban. Due to the intensity of the typhoon, most homes and infrastructures collapsed. Devastatingly, the death toll has risen up to over 10,000.

I have been informed by friends who have families living in Tacloban city, that they are in dire need of food and clean water. As of the moment, the city is only accessible via helicopters, making the relief operation very slow and difficult. 

Please help my people in any way you possibly can.
The Philippine Red Cross is accepting donations through PayPal.
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And UNICEF  is accepting $10  donations by texting “RELIEF” to 864233.
The $10 donation will be reflected on your phone bill. 
Any form of help is greatly appreciated - info dissemination (re-blogging, reposting, social media), prayers and moral support. 
Thank you very much!
Photo Credit: Aaron Favila | AP